10 useful Linux networking commands for you

There are many thing what you do using your web browser that takes time to show the result that you can do with using commands in your terminal. 🙂

So, Let’s get started 😉

What is my IP address:

Yeah, I know that sometimes you need to find your IP address and generally you search on Google “What is my IP address” to get your IP address. It’s good but you can find your IP address easily using this command.


Curl command requests to the with GET method and they respond your public IP address. That will be printed to your terminal.

What is the IP address of a website:

Yes yes 🙂 I also know that sometime you want to know the IP address of a website for any reason.

If you don’t know then I want to say that every website have an IP address.


If you want to check IP address of Facebook, use this command or replace with any website that’s IP you want to know.

Whois Lookup for Website or Domain name:

As you search on Whois website to find the details of any website or any domain name you can use this command instead of that in your Linux terminal.


Understood? 😛

Check your connectivity to any website:

There’s ping command that can tell how much fast your connectivity to a website or if you can’t connect to a specific website.


You can replace to any specific website. ( Yes, I don’t need to tell you because you already know this 🙂 )

Find location of IP address:

You can find IP’s location easily using this command.


You can replace your IP address at end of this command. 🙂

Review your connections:

Using this command you can your connections to the servers or websites.


Checking open ports and running services of a Server:

You can check any server’s running services and open ports using this command.


You can also find which operating system is running on that server using this command. 😮

Try this command’s by yourself:


Enable or disable network device:

To enable Eth0

#ifup eth0

To disable eth0

#ifdown eth0

You can enable and disable your network devices using these commands 🙂

View network configuration:

If you want to see network configuration of your system then you can use this command.


These commands are mostly used commands in Linux for networking. I hope you will find this useful.

Thanks 😊 for reading this article. Do not forget to comment below 😉

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