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27 roads will be declared state highway: 2167.383 km length roads were proposed to declare state highway to the government

27 big roads of the state will be declared as state highway. That they can be properly repaired and maintained. Sandeep Kumar, Head of the Department of Public Works, has sent a proposal to the government to declare roads of 2167.383 km in length as a state highway. Work will be started after getting the last permission from there. These roads will also be four lane. Now the test of this proposal will begin. Its notification will also be implemented soon.

The proposal came to the Indian Road Congress.

more than 7 meters wide roads were declared in the state highway in the Indian Road Congress. This Congress took place at the Indira Gandhi Foundation. Currently, major district routes and other district routes are recorded. In the proposal, the roads are divided into three categories. It first has the road which is more than 7 meters wide. The rest includes the work of land acquisition for the road less than 7 meters wide and the third road in the third.

11 roads in 27 are already seven meters wide. While 11 roads are to be developed at a width of seven meters. At the same time, land acquisition is needed to develop four roads at a width of seven meters. can be done. Four roads will be widened. The construction cost of total roads is estimated to come to 1401 crore 55 lakhs.

Roads will benefit this- Maintenance of roads will be easier. People will get a lot of relief.- A separate fund will be kept for its repair. This will reduce the road accident.- Time will be saved.

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