3 websites to learn ethical hacking

Hacking is a art (Hacking ek art ek kala hai. Ise sikhne me koi burai nahi hai jabtak ki iska durpayog nahi kiya jaaye) 🙂

Hello guys, How are you? I hope you all are fine. In this post, I am going to list 3 favourite websites which are best for learning Ethical Hacking.


You always search on YouTube for hacking videos and many are fake and many are useless so this one can help you to find Ethical Hacking Learning Videos –


They have many courses and many are free that you can get. At Cybrary, you can learn ethical hacking in a proper way. They have a documented how can you be a professional ethical hacker –


HackTheBox is a lab to improve yourself in hacking. They have a lot of challenges and servers that are allowed to hack as you want. They made it game like CTF catch the flag in every challenge. – HackTheBox

Where to start?

Follow this

  • Go cybrary first and learn with your desired hacking course. They will start with basic so you will understand it better.
  • Then watch hacking videos on SecurityTube. You have learned already on cybrary then you will understand videos better.
  • Then at the last step Goto HackTheBox and accept challenges and hack some boxes and catch flags.

Want to be a great hacker, never stop learning. Get knowledge from every website. And also bookmark my website to be a great hacker 😉 😂

So I made this list because I found these websites useful to be an ethical hacker. Comment down type favourite ethical hacking website. And see you in next post. 🙂

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