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40 lakh children of Sri Lanka will be able to read India due to India: Books will be printed from loan given last year, paper taken from India itself

With the help of India, 40 lakh children will be able to get books in Sri Lanka, which is struggling with financial trouble. The Indian High Commission itself has given this information. In fact, in March last year, Sri Lanka, passing through the Economic Crisis, was given a credit facility of Rs 8 thousand 196 crore.

so that the supply of essential goods could continue there. Using 8 crore rupees from the same credit facility, Sri Lanka, printing paper and related material will be purchased from India. Due to which the books of the children there will be published.

India has so far given help of 32 thousand crores to Sri Lanka, India has sent help to Sri Lanka in many ways under the Nebarhood First Policy. According to reports, India has given a loan of 32 thousand crores to Sri Lanka so far. It has been spent in essential goods, petrol, fertilizers, railways and energy related work.

Actually, Sri Lanka went bankrupt a few months ago. After this, the situation of civil war was created there. During this period, the Government of India also gave a foreign deposit of about $ 3 billion with food, fuel and medicine to its neighbor.

‘Sri Lanka will always be thankful to India’ The minister said in an interview to a podcast that India has helped his country the most in difficult times and Sri Lanka will always be thankful and grateful to India for this. Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabre said- The true friend is the one who holds your hand and help in difficult times and bad conditions. This is what India has done.

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