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500 rupees asked for mother … not given .. So hit knife 24 times: death during treatment, son was drunk; Troubled wife lives in maiden

A son brutally murdered the mother for 500 rupees in Motihari. Angered by not getting money for drugs, the son attacked the mother with a knife. The son made 24 attacks, not one or two. The mother kept screaming. Keeping on requesting to leave, but the son’s heart did not sweat. The badly injured mother died during treatment.

people gathered around after hearing the woman’s scream. The villagers rushed to the hospital with the woman. Here, the mob tied the hands and feet of the accused son and informed the police. The case is from Dipahi village of Chiraiya police station area on Saturday evening.

Vijay Baitha (30), the only son of Harihar Baitha, resident of Dipahi village, asked for Rs 500 from his mother Ramkali Devi (56). He was already intoxicated. When the mother refused that she would not give money, she stabbed with a knife.

Wife stays in the maiden after getting upset with Vijay

Vijay always drunk according to the local people. Stays upset. Drunk he often assaulted his wife and other members of the house. For this fear, his wife leaves him and lives in Bargania of his maternal home Sitamarhi. They both have five children, all live with the mother.

what is the police station head

Chiraiya Police Station Sunil Kumar said that after getting information about the incident, he sent the police team on the spot after getting information about the incident. The tax accused has been arrested. At the same time, the body of the woman has been taken into possession and sent for postmortem. No application has been received from the family. Further action will be taken after getting. When I found, I took the life of the mother, sat in front of the body overnight

The minor son killed his mother to eat. The son wanted vegetables with dal rice in food. When he was not served food, he was so angry that he killed his mother. When the father tried to rescue the beach, he also attacked him. After the murder, the son sat in front of his mother’s body overnight. Click to read the full news.

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