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9 -year -old girl raped in Agra: First hit the head on the wall, then attacked with stone to kill

A case of cruelty with a 9 -year -old girl has come to light in Agra. The girl went to defecation in the morning. The poor caught him there. He was taken to the bushes and raped her. His head clashed in the wall. Then he attacked the head with a stone to kill him. At present, the girl has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition. After the incident, people blocked the road. Officers reached the spot as soon as the information was received. Pacified the people by assuring strict action against the accused. The incident took place at 5 am on Monday morning.

The girl had gone to the toilet in the morning near the Darbadirelway line in the bushes near the railway cell. It is reported that people saw a young man sitting there at 4 am. It is feared that the young man caught the girl. There is a closet of the railway inside. There are bushes around him. There was a cruelty with the girl. The accused pressed her mouth for the girl not screaming. After haunting, the accused tried to kill the girl. Attacked her head with stone. Considering the girl as dead, she ran away.

blood spreads blood, after a while, the girl reached her home culpted in blood weeping. The housemates trembled to see the baby’s head and body flowing from the body. After asking for a long time, the girl told the whole thing to the family. After this, the family members took him to the scene. There was blood spread there. The people of the locality gathered in a while.

Police also came on information. Police sent the girl to the hospital for medical treatment. The condition of the girl is also stated to be critical. Family members have accused the youth of the neighborhood.

Angry villagers blocked the road. Angry people blocked the road after the incident. People alleged that there is a gathering of chaotic people at the scene. The police do not take action even after the complaint. People there drink alcohol throughout the day. The police somehow explained the matter to the people. Is. 6 teams of police have been deployed to arrest the accused. The girl is admitted to the hospital.

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