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A large number of people join Congress in Azamgarh: District President said the party that takes everyone along, the party will get strength

A large number of leaders of other parties joined the Congress at the office of the Congress Committee in Azamgarh district under the chairmanship of District President Praveen Singh. In this membership, Shah Alam Khan Azmi joined the Congress with a dozen supporters. On joining the Congress party, Congress officials strongly welcomed that it will strengthen the party.

Shah Alam cannot fight the BJP, after taking membership of Sapakangraress, Shah Alam said that Congress in the country and state Only a party that can carry all the religious sects together. The BSP has no idea. His leaders do politics for money. SP does not have the ability to fight BJP. Only the Congress can respond to Narendra Modi and BJP’s Sajjniti divided to the country. The Congress is a democratic party, it is possible in the Congress that a Dalit can become the national president of the party by contesting elections. I am influenced by the internal democracy of the Congress and the decency of national president Malikarjun Kharge with the struggles of Rahul Gandhi and the renunciation of Sonia inspired us to join the Congress. Whatever the party’s guidelines will be further discharged, I will work to strengthen the hands of the party. A large number of Congress officials and workers were present on the occasion.

Amitesh Kumar

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