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A reward of 25 thousand on Atik’s absconding wife: Shaista is accused in Umesh Pal murder case; Police preparing to bring Atik to Prayagraj

A reward of 25 thousand has been declared on Shaista Parveen, wife of Atik Ahmed, accused in the Umesh Pal murder case. Actually, on March 11, a CCTV footage of Shaista was revealed. In this, she is seen with two and a half million prize shooter Sabir. Sabir is the same person who shot Umesh Pal’s gunner sitting in the car.

Here, Atik Ahmed can be brought to Prayagraj for questioning Sabarmati Jail in Ahmedabad. Police believe that Atik made the entire outline of the murder in Sabarmati jail. The police is preparing documents to apply a remand in the court. It is believed that next week Atik can be brought to Prayagraj.

Shaista is also with the accused

Umesh Pal’s wife Jaya Pal, Atik Ahmed, his brother Ashraf, wife Shaista Parveen, Guddu Muslim and Ghulam were named. Atiq’s son Asad has also been accused in this trial. A reward of two and a half lakh rupees has already been declared on Assad, Guddu Muslim, Armaan, Sabir and Ghulam. Son Ali Ahmed is in jail. The third son Asad is absconding in the Umesh murder case. Whereas the fourth and 5th sons Ehjam Ahmed and Aban Ahmed are? Suspense on this is still intact.

Police say that both are in minor child improvement homes. While Shaista Parveen is repeatedly saying that both her sons are missing. Shaista has also filed an application in the Allahabad High Court to present her two sons. This will be heard in the court on March 13.

Atiq comes to UP. After this, the police also came into action. In this murder, Arbaaz, who brought Asad to the spot by driving a Creta car, was killed in the police encounter, Vijay Chaudhary alias Usman, who was the first firing. Bulldozers went to the houses of 3 accused and close people who helped Atik’s family. After this, along with Atiq, his wife Shaista has started to fear. Shaista also sent a letter to the Chief Minister. In this, she wrote that her husband and sons could have an encounter. He has also said that Atik should not be brought to UP.

22 teams to catch the shooters

18 days of Umesh Pal murder case, but so far the incident Police has not reached 5 shooters who carried out. For this, 22 teams of SOG, STF and UP Police have been deployed, but Atik Ahmed’s son Asad, Muslim Guddu, Ghulam, Armaan and Sabir have not yet found any clue.

Umesh Pal murdered the murder in 44 seconds

Umesh Pal and his 2 gunner were shot dead on 24 February in Prayagraj. As soon as Umesh got down from the car, the miscreants fired on him. The miscreants carried out the murder in 44 seconds. Umesh and a gunner died on the spot. While a gunner died during treatment in the hospital. > Mafia’s wife Shaista Under Ground

Umesh Pal is named after being named in the Umesh Pal murder case since being nominated. Through the lawyers, he filed a Habius carpus in the High Court for other family members, including his minor sons. The police then released Ashraf’s wife and Atik’s sister after inhibition action. Both minor sons were also rushed to the child protection home. Read full news …

Wife said- Children do not know that their father is no more

Dainik Bhaskar’s team Umesh Pal’s family to meet Dhumganj to meet the family of Umesh Pal Reached Talked to his wife Jaya Pal and mother Shanti Devi. We asked Jaya if you are afraid now, in response, she says, as long as my man was alive, he kept going without fear. Never thought that such an incident would happen to me. Right now the entire administration and society stands with me, then there is no fear. Jaya says, “My children do not know where their father is, he still says when Mummy, Papa will come from the hospital.” Come on with Papa. The children feel that their father will return home soon. How can I tell them the truth. ” Read here full news

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