Hello friend,Welcome to my website. I am Amitesh Kumar & my nickname is Bhanu Stark. I post here technical posts.

If you want to learn hacking or development then this blog will be very helpful to you.

I am graduate with BCA degree. And I’m not so big geek. I just share here what I find cool 😎 and whatever is in my mind.

Bhanu Stark

My hobbies are

  • hacking
  • programming
  • search engine optimization
  • social media optimization
  • blogging
  • Linux administration

My dreams are

  • to earn online 100k rupees per month
  • to create my own social network
  • to be a great YouTuber
  • to make my own operating system
  • to get a happy 😊 and peaceful ✌️life

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So enjoy 😉 this blog. And keep coming here.