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Action of Food and Drug Department: After the rebuke of the Collector, the major action of the Food and Drug Department, 5 quintals of ghee seized from different shops

Food and Drug Department has taken a major action to check and take samples of adulterated milk products in Ratlam today. The fertilizer department team has taken samples of milk and kulfi while taking action at about half a dozen milk and milk products shops. At the same time, due to the doubt of adulteration, more than 5 quintals of ghee from different places have been seized and kept in the custody of the shopkeepers till the investigation report comes. During this period, shopkeepers will not be able to sell ghee. When the estimated price of ghee made is close to three lakh rupees.

In TL meeting, after the instructions given by Collector Narendra Kumar Suryavanshi, action was taken against adulteration by the officials of Food and Drug Administration Ratlam. Has been. Today, on the basis of doubt of adulteration, 268 kg of ghee worth 1 lakh 45 thousand was seized by taking samples of ghee in Ratlam. At the same time, Ghee of Kesava brand and Parmeshwar brand was found at Padmavati Enterprises at Pinjarwadi Ratlam. Which was said to be sold for Rs 360 per kg. On the doubt of adulteration, 68 kg of ghee of a total price of Rs 25993 was seized. Similarly, samples of milk and ghee were taken from Chintamani milk reserves at Hanuman Rundi Ratlam and 2 quintals of native ghee of 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees were seized on doubt of adulteration. Four samples of milk were taken from the Sunil Milk Center in Javra. At the same time, Matka Kulfi was sample from Siddha Vinayak Kulfi Center in Dhodhar, Saras Ghee and Cold Drinks, Caronated Water Samples were taken from Balaji Coldrinks located in Dhodhar. All samples were sent to the State Food Lyrical Bhopal. On where the investigation report comes, action will be taken as per the regulation under the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006.

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