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Action report from Punjab on PM’s security lapse: Supreme Court committee convicted the then CS, DGP and many officers 6 months ago

The Central Government has sought an action technology report from the state government in the case related to the security of PM Narendra Modi during the visit to Ferozepur on 5 January 2022 in Punjab. The Center has asked the Punjab government to explain what action it took on the basis of the report of the investigation conducted by the Supreme Court on this issue? For investigation, a 5 Mere Committee was formed under the leadership of retired Justice Indu Malhotra, which submitted its report in the Supreme Court on 25 August 2022. During the hearing on the report, the bench of the then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court NV Ramna found that the Punjab Police is responsible for the security lapse. According to the report of the inquiry committee, SSP Harmandeep Hans of Ferozepur was told about the route from where the PM was about to pass. Despite this, Punjab Police could not fix security arrangements. The report revealed the negligence of the then Chief Secretary of Punjab Anirudh Tiwari and the then DGP Siddharth Chattopadhyay.

During the hearing itself, the Chief Justice said that in this report, some necessary measures for the strong security of the Prime Minister in this report. Suggested, which will be sent to the government.

report said in the report- Officers did not run according to the blue book The flaws of the officers were found. While filing a report in the Supreme Court, the committee had said that despite the information about the PM’s visit, the police and administrative officials were negligent and did not follow the protocol according to the blue book. The committee blamed the then SSP Harmandeep Hans of Ferozepur in this case.

This officer was on duty Did not reach the spot. Punjab’s then ADGP (Law and Order) Naresh Arora, ADGP (Cyber Crime) G Nageshwar Rao, DIG Faridcourt Surjit Singh, SSP Charanjit Singh of Moga, IG (Counter Intelligence) Rakesh Aggarwal, Ferozepur range’s DIG Indrabir Singh and SSP of Ferozepur Harmandeep Hans was on duty.

Center asked- What action was taken on careless officers Take action? In the report, action was taken against the officers who were held responsible for the security lapse? What if any action is taken? And if not taken, why?

The Union Home Secretary has asked the Punjab government to submit an action technology report on it.

the irresponsible action of the Punjab government

After the default in the security of PM, the then Congress government headed by Charanjit Singh Channi of Punjab took action in an irresponsible manner. The Punjab Police registered a case at Kulgarhi police station in Ferozepur, in which Section 283 of the IPC was imposed. The punishment in this section is a fine of only 200 rupees and its bail is also done in the police station. The accused does not need to go to the court.

Punjab Police did not even write anyone’s name in this FIR. Surprisingly, the FIR was not even mentioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy was stopped anywhere. The SPG Act for the safety of PM was also not imposed. PM Narendra Modi visited Punjab. The Prime Minister’s convoy was sent by Bathinda to Ferozepur road due to bad weather. When he was going from Bathinda Airport to Hussainiwala, his convoy remained trapped on a flyover in Pyarena village of Ferozepur for half an hour because farmers closed the highway at some distance from there.

Union Home Ministry And according to the Blue Book of the Special Protection Group (SPG), who is posted under the security of the Prime Minister, the Punjab government was already told about the PM’s program and visit. In such a situation, as per the rules, the state police should have kept the alternative route ready along with security.

In view of the emergency plan, the Punjab government had to deploy additional security on the road but it did not happen. After this security lapse, the PM’s convoy decided to return to Bathinda Airport. While going from Bathinda Airport to Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the Punjab officials present there to say thanks to the CM, I was able to return alive. Was. The Supreme Court had asked the committee headed by retired Justice Indu Malhotra to submit the report by detailing the entire matter. The committee was also asked to give such suggestions so that such cases could be avoided in future. Bhaskar Investigation accurate on security lapse: The Supreme Court held the Punjab Police guilty

PM Narendra Modi had a security lapse in the Punjab tour of Punjab about 8 months ago. A committee was formed to investigate this. The committee submitted a report in the Supreme Court on Thursday, ie 25 August. During its hearing, the bench of Chief Justice NV Ramna found that the Punjab Police is responsible for the security lapse. Read full news …

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