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Adani’s son Jeet’s Diva Shah engaged to Diva Shah: Diva is the daughter of diamond merchant Jamin Shah, only close friends and family joined the ceremony

Jeet Adani, son of India’s second richest businessman Gautam Adani, got engaged to Diva Jamin Shah on Sunday (March 12). The engagement ceremony was held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Only close friends and family members attended this program. Diva C. Dinesh & Company is the daughter of the diamond merchant Jamin Shah of Private Limited. Although the information of the wedding date has not been revealed yet.

engagement has been kept quite private and the engagement of Diva Jamin was kept quite private, so its information has come up very late. A picture of his engagement ceremony has surfaced. The couple is seen wearing a traditional dress in a pastel tone. Gautam Adani has two sons. The elder son’s name is Karan Adani and the younger name is Jeet Adani. Karan is married to Paridhi, the daughter of the country’s well-known corporate lawyer Siril Shroff.

Jeetjit Adani joined the Adani Group in 2019. Is. He joined the Adani Group in 2019 and is currently the Vice President of Group Finance. He lends Adani Airports and Adani Digital Labs. Diva is the daughter of diamond businessman Jamin Shah. Jaimin’s company C Dinesh was founded by Chinu Doshi and Dinesh Shah.

There are dozens of businesses from Adani Group Relway, airport to port, where the Adani group has a great interference. The Adani Group joined the group with a market cap of 20 lakh crore in April 2022. This is the third group in India to achieve this position after Tata and Ambani. 10 companies of Adani Group are listed in the stock market.

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