All Digital Marketing Strategies in Just 10 Minutes

It looks impossible, but we can understand the entire digital marketing strategy in just 10 minutes. And by understanding all the principles of digital marketing, which we are going to cover here, you will be on your way to success in your business or website.

So firstly, we are going to understand, what a basic marketing funnel looks like.

You may hear of the AIDA marketing model, if not then we are going to understand it because we can’t go for marketing without the AIDA model.


  • A -> Awareness
  • I -> Interest
  • D -> Desire
  • A -> Action

We will add an R to the end of the AIDA model. R will be for the retention.


This is so important because we are making Brand Awareness. It is all about building your identity by using tools like social media so that people will get to know you.


Interest is about your content strategy to understand people about your product or service and get interested in your brand.


(From like it to want it). Desire means moving people by linking what product or service you provide to actually they want it. It means you are creating an emotional and personal connection with your audience so that you are not just another brand, they actually need you. They are becoming your loyal customer or follower and then taking action.


This level is different for everyone. It depends on the stage of your customer or audience. For example –

  • This could be your customer YouTube subscribing to your channel.
  • This could be your follower liking your Facebook page.
  • This could be your customer buying your product.
  • Or this could be your audience subscribing to your newsletter.


Then we added R for retention because we know that it is a lot easier to find new customers through the customer who already purchased from your brand. It is much more likely to buy again.

So how do build loyalty?

  • Through email campaigns
  • Through exclusive content on your website for your customer
  • Through a YouTube series

By providing content consistently to your customer, they will love to be engaged with it.

So how do we get attention?

We can get the attention of people through two marketing methods.

  • Through content marketing
  • Through paid marketing

Content Marketing

There are a lot of ways and places to do content marketing.

  • By writing blog posts
  • Uploading YouTube videos
  • By doing a podcast
  • By sharing content on Social Media

Paid Marketing

There are two ways to do paid marketing.

  • Tradition ads
    • Google ads
    • Facebook ads etc.
  • By boosting posts
    • On Facebook
    • On Twitter etc.

Traditional Ads

Like Google has Google ads which is an advertising network. which we can use to pay and put some ads on Google search results or display ads on websites. And the same thing we can do on Facebook. Facebook also provides its ad network so we can put some ads there too for some money.

By boosting posts

When we create content on social media they give us the option to boost that content to show this content to more people for some buckets.

And this post-boosting feature is on all social networks.

Now you know what a marketing funnel looks like. Now we are going to dive into steps that actually going to grow your audience.

How to create your online identity?

How to create your online identity?

Create a website

So your website is the home base of your brand. Here you can share your blog posts, products, services, and stories. Here you can give a lot of free content to grow your fanbase. So you need a website.

Create social media profiles

Nowadays, you also need to create social media profiles too for building your online identity. Here we are talking about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. These are the place where your potential customers live. They spend their most of time there, so we can attract them to our product or services by creating content or/and boosting our content there.

It’s easier to grow quickly when you focus on one of the social media platforms. But there are also a lot of modern tools like Buffer & Hootsuite to make it super easy to schedule posts and also send those posts. And our content will be posted to all of these platforms at the same time.

This is your online identity. The next step is to figure out how to create that content.

How to create content?

How to create content?

So the best way to find ideas for content is to find the problem that your customers face. How can you solve these problems? Then your customer will be interested in your content. And it should also be relevant to your brand or product or service.

Consistency is one of the most important parts of our content marketing strategy. It means we should create content for our audience regularly.

There is no rule that how much time you should post your content on social media. Either you can post 2 times a week or every day a week or twice in a month or twice a week.

But be consistent then your audience should understand when they are going to get your content of yours. And there should also be a balance between quality and quantity.

If you can’t create high-quality content in your scheduled time then you should decrease the quantity of your content. High-quality content creation is also a most important part of content marketing strategy.

  1. So make a plan to create blog posts on your website.
  2. make a schedule to share blog posts or content on your social media.
  3. make a schedule to upload youtube videos and create a series.
  4. make a plan to put your podcast.

Just don’t stop and stick with it.

Sometimes it takes a long time but you can create your own success.

How to capture that audience into your brand?

How to capture that audience into your brand?

This means can be if you are growing an email list or phone number list of your customer.

So you can do this by sending traffic to your website or landing page from the content that was shared on your social media accounts, from your YouTube videos, or from your podcast. And that page asks for your audience’s email or phone number through the opt-in form.

So that you can capture that person’s information.

Email marketing is still consistently the highest-converting way to make a sale for products or services.

So the steps for growing your fanbase are: ->

  1. Web traffic
  2. Opt-in form
  3. Email sequence

Once you are growing your loyal fan base, you will have the opportunity to sell your product or service to them.

So we can categorize it into two types of marketing or selling:

1. Direct sell: Direct selling or direct marketing is like when you are selling your product or service at the end of your video, blog post, podcast, webinar, or training. Or it can be a product or service sales page.

2. Soft sell: Soft marketing or soft selling is when you are solving a problem of your audience in your content (that can be a blog post or YouTube video) and you will also provide a better solution if your audience pays for that.Or you are using an email sequence that someone gets to your website for the first time and you are opting for a form to your newsletter form. Then you are sending a weekly email and solve their problem and take them to the next step.

So this all is great.

Why do we need to do paid marketing?

Why do we need to do paid marketing?

Direct to your product or service

Paid marketing can direct the traffic of your audience to your direct selling product or service page. That is a lot easier to grab customers but sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. And it is an expensive idea.

Sometimes it doesn’t work because it sends a lot of time cold traffic to your website and people might not even be in that awareness stage of the AIDA model.

The paid ads are sending traffic to people who are in the D stage (Desire stage) of the AIDA marketing model. You can do this by using Facebook retargeting.

Facebook Retargeting means that Facebook is sending ads to those people who already have been on your sales page. Who may have clicked on your website links or they may add your product to their cart but never completed their order.

Retargeting is the most powerful tool for direct selling or direct marketing of products or services. It has a much higher conversion rate than others.

But instead of sending people directly to the product or server selling page, we can also drive the audience to the beginning of the funnel.

For example – we can put an ad on the opt-in form page of our website, where people can enter their email and subscribe to our blog, instead of purchasing a product. A landing page with an opt-in form can be much less of a barrier to joining. They don’t need to pay anything yet.

And that form will create an email list where you can start the email sequence and sell your product later.

Now I think you know how marketing actually works. But you need to understand what is your goal with all of this.

That can be anything

My goal for this website is to grow my organic traffic and organic brand awareness. So that I can get organic sales. So I use content marketing to drive traffic to my website and to my business.

I use social media marketing to turn the casual observer into a fanbase by building trust with people who follow me.

And lastly, I use paid marketing that can pull intelligently boost traffic and sales.

By understanding the digital marketing system, you can have what it takes to succeed.

Hopefully, this will help you. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below. I’ll see you in the next post.

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