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Attack on policemen in Jaipur, lathi killed 2: Friends beat up abusing, said- many policemen like you see

The police overthrown the youth sitting in a car in Jaipur. Angry youths attacked the police Jabte. Policemen were abused and beaten up. The attackers escaped after beating the policemen with sticks. The Pratap Nagar police station conducted blockade across the city to catch the car riders, but they were not found. The police have started searching for the attackers by registering a case of obstruction in the state. Constable Hukum Singh and Prakash Chandra were on patrol in the police Chetak along with Head Constable Kishan Singh. Just 300 meters away from Pratap Nagar police station, 4-5 boys were sitting in an Alto car near Khandelwal Dhaba and drinking alcohol. Policemen asked the boys drinking alcohol to get out of the car. On interrupting alcohol, the boy sitting on the driver’s driver seat came down with sticks in his hand. Waving sticks to the policemen, he said- Who are you who are refusing us to drink alcohol. I am called Krishna Kumar Sharma. Many policemen like you have seen.

Policemen tried to stop the policemen waving with sticks with sticks. Krishna Kumar Sharma hit the head constable Kishan Singh’s right hand with the attack with sticks. After which Hukum Singh attacked Singh with sticks on an ankle on his left leg. Then his friends also came out sitting in the car. Krishna Sharma kept waving sticks and his friends abused and beat the policemen. . During this time, his sticks were damaged due to his own car. Constable Prakash Chandra called the police station and asked for help. The police jeep immediately left the police station and reached there. Seeing the police Jabte who came for help, he escaped with friends and escaped with the car. The police team also chased him, but he escaped towards Tonk Road via the streets. A mobile police fell while running while running. Police has started searching for the attackers based on the registration number of the car.

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