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Attack on the family entered into the house in Chandigarh: quarrel over forcibly applying Holi color, beaten with poles after 3 days; 4 arrested

A family was attacked in Bapu Dham Colony, Sector 26, Chandigarh. The case is related to the incident of forcibly coloring a woman on Holi by some youths. On Saturday, some youths entered the house and attacked women including the elderly with sticks and saris. There is a problem. His board exams are going on. Hari Prakash of Bapu Dham Colony gave a complaint to the police.

Bapu Dham Outpost Incharge Satish Kumar said that 4 accused in the case have been arrested and they are being produced in SDM court. At the same time, further action will be taken on the basis of MLR in the case.

Father and brother -so -so -soaked Thahari Prakash told that when he reached home at around 7 pm after running the auto in the evening, he saw that he saw that he saw that in the evening. There was a fight at his house. His father and brother Om Prakash was covered with blood. Neighbors said that he would get rid of the fight and he went to the hospital with both. In such a situation, Hari Prakash took his father and brother to Sector 16 Government Hospital.

When the complaint given to the police, the police took his father and brother to the hospital, the attackers from behind kept beating the women at his house. Women also suffered injuries on face and rest of the body. Hari Prakash said that in the neighborhood quarrel, the accused party attackers/relatives called this. The complaint of the attack was reported to the Bapu Dham Police Outpost. At the same time, Hari Prakash’s brother Om Prakash suffered an injury to his head. At the same time, his brother -in -law’s wife also suffered a head injury. At the same time, a relative was hurt in his hand. At the same time, his niece also suffered an injury near his eye.

was coloring on Holi, according to the corresponding information, some youths live on rent near the complainant’s house. He was forcibly coloring his brother -in -law’s wife on Holi. When the family protested, he started fighting with him. The matter was then resolved. After which the neighbor woman argued with the women of her family and called the attackers. The injured Om Prakash told that the number of attackers was about half a dozen.

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