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Awards will be given in the name of PP Sir: CM Shivraj’s announcement in tribute meeting, said- There will be a room in his name in Journalism University

Award will be launched in the field of journalism in the field of ‘PP Sir’. Not only this, a room in the new building of Journalism University will be in the name of PP Sir. A lecture will be held here every year. This announcement was made by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. On Tuesday, a tribute meeting took place at the campus conducted at Vikas Bhawan of Journalism University on Hoshangabad Road. The Chief Minister paid tribute to Pushpendra Pal Singh in this program.

during this time, he said that he worked with PP sir for years. He was Nishkam, ruthless, innocent and innocent towards himself. That ego was zero. He used to sit on a normal seat instead of his seat. He had a wonderful patience. The students were their own. To fill the fees, they were ready to study. Used to help everyone in every way. He did not see the time for anyone’s work. He has many memories. Which are in the mind. He will always be immortal.

Makhanlal Chaturvedi, Professor of Journalism University and Editor of Madhya Pradesh Pushpendra Pal Singh (PP Sir) was held after the death of the heart. PP Sir’s father, daughter and other families were present in the program. CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan, BJP state president VD Sharma, BJP state media in -charge Lokendra Parashar, Digvijay Singh’s wife Amrita Rai Singh, Ramesh Sharma Guttu Bhaiya, including journalism and many people were present in the meeting. Seeing the father and daughter crying, everyone spilled the tears of the people present in the program organized in the tears and daughter of the people who were crying. Humans were

Amrita Rai Singh, wife of journalist and former CM Digvijay Singh, said- I was a brief introduction to PP Singh. I knew so much, he had studied with BHU. I have also studied there. At the MCU, he called me to teach. I find them a better person. He was so introduced to me, but he always kept that introduction alive. He kept having an unknown relationship with me. Whenever I needed, he helped a lot. The way the people present here are inconsolable, it seems that they proved to be a better person and a better teacher. Indian society has always given importance to the fact that the work that a person does in a lifetime, he should always work to keep people alive after his departure. PP ji always tried for this. We will always remember him as a better journalist and family member.

VD Sharma said- learned a lot from PP

BJP state president VD Sharma said- No faith It would have been that Pushpendra Pal ji did not live with us. I was sitting at CM House exactly a day earlier. When I came out at night, I stood for a while and talked to them. How to learn work in the field of media from student life, this training was also invited by Pushpendra Pal Singh Ji at that workshop every year by Pushpendra Pal Singh ji. I also learned a lot. A personality that was ready and ready for the work of others. I saw a specialty of him, if I am the president of the political party, then what can be taken forward and taken. Made several attempts to teach me too. A person who does not occur among us, his practicality affects so much that such a person does not believe. I also consider it a personal damage. The work he has done as an institution is a big loss of society and society. Piyush Babelle said- PP sir was not just my guru, he was like a father. I read at Makhanlal University in 2002-2004. Then this university was at number 7. It is difficult to say, I read a lot of place, but did not see such a guru. It has been 20-22 years since I left here. Even then his gravity was intact. Recently I was sitting near Mataji. You said a word that it felt as if the atomizer had suppressed, the color came out. This is the same thing about the mother and we were thinking the same as they left. But we all have to make this memoir. Why did we love so much to all of us? The university had changed this way, worked for students’ jobs. Even after getting the job, what would the house of the house be understood even after getting the job.

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