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BBC removed the show presenter on the government’s criticism: the British Migration Policy was called Hitler, denying the work of anchors in protest

BBC’s presenter in Britain has refused to work. After this, BBC’s popular football show ‘Match of the Day’ was telecast without anchor and experts for the first time on Saturday. Changing the pattern of the show, it was introduced as a Premier League Highlights for just 20 minutes. Along with this, the demand for resignation of BBC Director General Tim Davi has also intensified. He was dropped from the show due to his controversial tweet. Gary criticized the migration policy of the British government. Describing it as wrong, he compared it to the policies of Hitler’s rule in Germany in 1930. The British Home Minister also expressed objection to this. After which the BBC removed him from the program till the investigation in the case was completed.

PM Sunak said-The government said on his policy, Britain Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that he hopes that BBC and Gary hope that he hopes BBC and Gary Linekar will solve the issue together. The government is adamant on its policy. Recently, the Sunak government had talked about introducing a new bill on a migration policy in Parliament. Under this bill, the British government is preparing to stop illegal refugees coming from boats through the English Channel. The government is also facing opposition to this.

On the shodusari on the shodusari without experts, the BBC’s decision, along with the rest of Gary’s colleagues, as well as the experts of the Match of the Day show Has decided to do boycott. Former striker and EPL record goal scorer Alan Sheerer and former Arsenal player Ian Wright refused to participate in the live discussion after the Premier League matches on Saturday in support of Linker. After which the show was on-air without experts.

BBC said- Attempts to bring back Gary continue to continue the freedom of expression in BBC after suspending Garry Linekar. After the show telecast on Saturday, BBC Director General Tim Davi said- It was a difficult day but we are trying to find a solution to this problem. We will get success only when we are able to bring Gary back to the show and present it back as before. I am sad that this could not happen in Saturday’s telecast.

BBCBC was implicated in the documentary dispute in India. On January 17, the first episode of ‘The Modi Question’, the documentary on the Gujarat riots, released the first episode of YouTube on YouTube. The second episode was to be released on 24 January. Earlier, the central government removed the first episode from YouTube. The Government of India described the documentary as a propaganda against Prime Minister Modi and the country. After this there was a dispute over the screening of documents at JNU, Jamia Mealia Islamia and Punjab University. The IT department raided. According to sources in the Income Tax Department, BBC was accused of disturbing international tax. BBC had tweeted and said- Income tax department teams are present in Delhi and Mumbai offices. We are fully supporting them. The survey work is going on. During this time the team seized mobiles, laptop-decatops of the people of Finance Department.

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