Best UI Frameworks for React 2024

Best UI Frameworks, That can be good for your next project for React in 2024

I always like to explore ui frameworks and recently I found some cool UI frameworks which can be easily used with the React.

Here is the list:

  1. Tamagui
  2. Daisyui
  3. Gluestack
  4. Flowbite
  5. NextUI
  6. Radix-UI


I like this most in the list above I find it cool and beautiful. Tamagui is build for both react and react native, which have many components that can be used with very ease.


Daisyui is built on Tailwind CSS framework and it have also very beautiful UI components. It is very easy to use because you just need to add class names to your HTML elements. Unlike Tailwind CSS, in Daisyui, you just need add maximum 2-3 class and component will be designed properly.


Gluestack is made for both react and react native and it looks awesome in both. It is faster than other frameworks because it doesn't depend on JavaScript.


Flowbite is also built in the top of Tailwind CSS. It have a large number of components based on Tailwind CSS that can be easily customised as per your need.


NextUI is also built on Tailwind CSS and uses framer motion for animating its components. It have very beautiful components that can be used with React js.

Radix UI

Radix UI is another UI framework which is good for fast development of your web apps. It works well with React and can be customised easily. It have many components that can help you build your apps without doing any CSS in developement.