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Bike rider dies due to unknown vehicle collision: Accident occurred while returning from friend’s birthday party from Niwai

sensation spread after the body of a young man was found on the roadside in Dungri area of Ratanpura under Mitrapura police station. A motorcycle was also found near the body. The villagers gave information to the police. On the information of the villagers, Mitpura Sho Srikishan Meena May Jabte reached the spot. Police reached here and took the body in its possession. After which Mitpura police brought the dead body to Mitpura. Lakhanpur Sarpanch Siyaram Meena and villagers gathered information about the dead body through social media and other mediums. After which the body was identified as Kutka, a resident of Shyoram Raigar son Babulal Raigar. The police informed the family of the deceased about the case. After which the family reached the spot.

Babulal Raigar, father of the deceased, has lodged a report at the Mitrapura police station. In the report, Babulal said that his son Shyoram went to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday by bike on Saturday. He was coming home from Niwai at 11:00 pm. Then an unknown vehicle hit the bike on the road near the skin of Ratanpura. Due to which his son died on the spot. The Mitrapura police station got a post -mortem of the dead body by Panchnama. After which the dead body was handed over. However, on the report of the father of the deceased, the Mitpura police station has registered a case against the unknown vehicle driver and started investigating the case. According to the information received, the deceased Shyoram Rager is not yet married.

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