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BJP protested against the death of a young man: Idan Singh Bhati said strict action should be taken against anti-social elements

BJP has protested against the case of sabotage at Hanuman intersection by anti -social elements in the case of the hanging corpse of a young man in Jaisalmer city. Aidan Singh Bhati, a national executive member of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, has demanded strict action on such anti -social elements. He has also expressed displeasure over the police administration not taking action against such anti -social people.

It is worth mentioning that angry people who were calling the death of the young man murder on Sunday morning protested on the road in front of the city Kotwali for several hours By giving the road blocked and later he broke the stone railing by vandalizing the city’s busiest Hanuman intersection. Angry people also expressed anger by burning tires on the road right in front of Kotwali. The police did not take any action on all this. By the evening, the people stopped the road and persuaded them to lift the dead body. Police has registered a case of murder in this regard on the death of young man Rafiq Khan (22) son Kasam Khan resident Kesu, Sama Death and some people have been detained and started questioning them.

Hanuman Hanuman The ransom at the intersection

Angered by the suspected death of the young man, people staged a sit -in outside the Kotwali and blocked the road. He then set the tire on fire there. Due to which the smoke spread all around. At the same time, many youths broke the boundary made of circle stone at the intersection by kicking. This damaged government property. But the BJP protested when the police remained silent spectators. All the leaders have also raised questions on taking action against such people and remaining silent by the police. Aidan Singh Bhati said that these anti -social elements have political patronage, so the police also did not put their hands on them and kept watching the government property quietly. He said that this causes peace to deteriorate in the city as well as an atmosphere of fear which is completely wrong.

Police registered a case

Hanuman crossroad A case has also been registered in the police station Kotwali in the case of. Kotwali police station in -charge Bhavani Singh said that Municipal Council Commissioner Lajpal Singh has registered a case of damage to government property. In the trial, the police have nominated 13 people on the basis of video, while others have also been included. In such a situation, the police is now identifying anti -social elements based on the video of sabotage and is intensifying their efforts to hold them.

Two days old corpse found hanged

The sensation spread after the young man’s body was found hanging from the noose on Sunday morning in a building in Gandhi Colony area of Jaisalmer city. On receiving the information, Kotwali police and officers reached the spot. A large number of people gathered there on this occasion. The family members of the youth Rafiq refused to take the body, calling it a case of murder. CO Priyanka Kumawat also reached there and called the FSL team. The body was sent to Jawahir Hospital for postmortem. On the other hand, along with the family members of the deceased, others started picketing in front of Kotwali. Congress leaders also reached before Kotwali and inquired about the matter from police officers. The police registered a case of murder against 5 people on the basis of FIR of the family members and caught them and are questioning them.

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