Hello I am Bhanu Stark and I am working on Public App since 2018.


About Public App and Bhanu Stark

There’s a lot of things that I made but some things are discontinued. So I am here going to explain everything.

Public app

Public App

Website and Android App

It was firstly introduced in Feb 2018 as a Social network but I modified it as a news website. But now it is working as a Search Engine and News website.

You can read news about technology, entertainment, finance, business, and lifestyle on it.

The search engine is integrated with Google so you will get good results as Google for your searches.

Play Store Link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.publicapp.android

public app founder bhanu stark

Bhanu Stark


Hello, I am Bhanu Stark, Founder of Public App and self employee at Publicapp. I am also working at Kansu.

I am a graduate with BCA at Bhabua (Kaimur) and learning web development and other programming languages since 2013.

My real name is Amitesh Kumar and Bhanu Stark is my nickname. So don’t be confused if you somewhere Amitesh Kumar. Bhanu was my nickname at home and I added Stark because I was a fan of Tony Stark (Iron Man).

I am writing blogs at https://publicapp.in/blog/. Topics are related to technology and computers on my YouTube channel.

I and my two friends made a shopping app too for our city. Basically, Kansu is a grocery shopping app where people can purchase any product they need in their kitchen. But you can also purchase foods like Burger and Pizza there.

Bhanu Stark Youtube channel

YouTube Channel

Bhanu Stark YouTube Channel

This is my YouTube Channel. I upload technical videos about computers and software. I have created this channel on Nov 26, 2019. I do not continue there but will soon.

Example video topics – “How to hide my IP address on iPhone, How to install Windows”.

All the videos are very useful on my YouTube channel. So you should also subscribe my channel.


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