How to unhide apps in Shade Launcher

Shade Launcher is an app launcher for Android platform and is look like default launcher of newer Android version’s launcher.

shade apps launcher

In my view, Shade Launcher is a very simple and cool app launcher, which is also lightweight and the main thing is this app launcher is open source.

How to hide apps in Shade Launcher

Time needed: 2 minutes.

In shade launcher in Android, we can easily unhide apps which are hidden. So here is some steps to unhide them.

  1. Go to home and swipe up

    Go to your Android device home screen and swipe up to see the apps in the launcher. (As in any launcher, we see the list of apps and then we choose the one to launcher. We need to first go there.)
    Shade Launcher

  2. Tap on Search apps and enter the name of app

    Tap on search apps option in launcher and enter the name of the app which you want to unhide.
    unhide apps from launcher

  3. Long tap to the app you want to unhide

    In app list, choose your hidden app then Tap and hold the app you want to unhide. (Long tap means when we keep our finger to the app for long time to see options.)
    unhide apps from shade launcher

  4. Tap the preferences

    After long tapping on selected app you need to tap on the preferences in options.

  5. Then tap to the Reset

    In preferences, choose the Reset option. (You will many other options too.)
    how to unhide apps in shade launcher

  6. Done!

    Now your app is unhide in the shade launcher.Shade Launcher

Thanks for reading this post. I hope this will help you to unhide app in Shade launcher. If you have any other issue please don’t hesitate to comment below. We’ll respond to your comment as soon as possible.

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