Processor explained What is it and How it works?

What is a Processor on the computer?

The processor is a part of the computer. We call it also the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and microprocessor. The main brain of the computer is the processor. In other words, It is responsible for every output. So, other parts of the computer are either input, either output or storage devices. Its size is about to matchbook. Phones and Tablets are now also using them. It performs calculations, logical comparisons, moves billions of data per second.

When we break this word down, we’ll find the meaning, process done by. It’s mean it is for processing every input, output and other tasks.

For example, it works when we move the mouse on the desktop. The mouse sends the input to the Processor and Process processes it and gives as output or result by display cursor moved on the screen.

Processor example to move mouse cursor

Definition as in Books: A processor or microprocessor is a small chip. Get the input, then process and then give the appropriate output is it’s work.

History of CPU

First time processor was introduced in 1971 and It’s name was Intel 4004. Intel with the help of Ted Hoff introduced Intel 4004. (At this time, Intel is the biggest company. And they made very powerful processors.)

There are 5 generations of computers and In 4th generation, a microprocessor was added to the computer. The microprocessor was not in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations. So, IC (Integrated Circuit) was used in 3rd generation computer. Transistors were used in 2nd generation computers. And Vacuum tubes were used in 1st generation computer.

How the processor works?

The microprocessor executes the stored instructions and is a highly complex part of a computer. It is made of silicon which contains millions of circuits. And all circuits are transistorized. It has dozens of protruding metal pin which input and output electronic signals from the chip. The plugged processor chip connects and communicates with all memory and input-output devices (with external devices also).

Intel Microprocessors

Here is the list of all major microprocessor of Intel.

Intel Core i9 Processor

Intel Core i7

Intel Core i5

Intel Core i3

Intel Xeon

Intel Celeron

Intel Core 2

Intel Core 2 Quad

Intel Core 2 Duo

Intel Pentium M

Intel Pentium D

Intel Pentium 4

Atom microprocessor

Frequently Asked Question about Processors

Can run a phone without processor?

Older phones was coming with chips and chips were doing limited processes to phone’s work.

Which was the first processor of the computer?

Intel 4004.

When was first processor introduced?

In 1997.

Who was invented it?

Marcian Hoff, Masatoshi Shima, Federico Faggin and Stanley Mazor.

In which generation of computer, processor was used first?

4th generation computer.

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