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Brajesh Pathak did weightlifting: Meerut District Hospital also reached Deputy CM; Asked the elderly woman with folded hands- or not

Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak inaugurated the women’s weightlifting competition at Kailash Prakash Stadium in Meerut on Sunday. During this, he lifted the weight of 30 kg. While doing weightlifting, the public representatives and activists wanted to help them, they refused everyone. Said- I will pick it up myself. As the deputy CM did weightlifting. The people present there shouted Jai Bajrang Bali.

Earlier Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak arrived at Pyare Lal Sharma District Hospital for inspection. Where he went to the hospitalized patients and talked to the patients.

The departure of the elderly woman Halchalbrajesh Pathak inquired about the facilities and treatment from the elderly female patients admitted in the district hospital. Deputy CM stood in front of the elderly with folded hands. Asked the woman whether the treatment was received or not. Shortly before the arrival of the deputy CM, this elderly woman was admitted to the hospital. Brajesh Pathak stayed at the district hospital for about 15 minutes. After this Kailash Prakash went to the stadium.

After this, Deputy CM will attend several more programs in Meerut. BJP MLA from Cantt seat will go to the Holi Milan ceremony of Amit Agarwal. The Holi Milan celebrations have been organized in Bhainsali Maidan Sadar. Also, deputy CM will also go to the ceremony to be held in Srikunj apartment on Nehru Road. Answers to questions of. He targeted the SP government. Said- In the SP government, goons were given attention. CM Yogi Adityanath is making the state healthy by cleaning those goons. Gundaraj was in the SP government. Therefore, the state could not develop.

fever, Chikungunya ward during inspection, Deputy CM also spoke to patients of fever and malaria and inquired about treatment. Chikungunya and malaria wards were also inspected. Brajesh Pathak said, “Efforts are being made to get patients the right treatment. If fever comes, take medicines immediately after consulting a doctor. All patients are also getting proper treatment. “

” Akhilesh should be given corruption Bhushan Award “: Brajesh Pathak said- SP was scammer, 9 people who wrote letters to PM should be drowned in corruption

Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak has attacked SP chief Akhilesh Yadav fiercely in a press conference. He said that the SP government was a scam government. If corruption is received by Bhushan, then he should be given to Akhilesh Yadav. 9 leaders wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi. It is alleged that the agencies are constantly targeting the leaders of the opposition. Read the full news here Today is the last day of nomination on the line of trains up to 1 km

Kanpur-Unnao teacher and graduate MLC seat. Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak reached Kanpur to promote BJP candidate Arun Pathak. The road leading to Sarsaiya Ghat was jammed. Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak also got trapped in the jam of Kanpur. Read here full news

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