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Brother killed the sword, then suicide himself: asked for a lift from the younger brother, attacked for not giving, and hanged the house due to fear

In the Kathun police station area of the district, a brother attacked another brother in a mutual argument, then due to fear, a brother went home and committed suicide. The case is from Motipura village on Sunday evening. The body of the mritak has been kept in Morchari for post -mortem. The deceased Rajkumar alias Raju used to do farming. The eldest of the three brothers was. The youngest brother Manoj has been injured in the sword attack. According to the information received, 8-8 bighas came in the land after the partition of Rajkumar, Mukesh and Manoj. Mukesh and Manoj live in Kota. While Rajkumar lives in the village. Rooms of all three brothers are built in the village house. All three brothers do farming. As usual Manoj went to his village on Sunday with a jeep. His mother also went to the village with. While returning, the elder brother had asked for a lift to Khedarsulpur. But Manoj refused to give a lift in the jeep. There was an argument between the two about this. The elder brother Rajkumar attacked the younger brother Manoj with a sword. The prince got nervous after seeing Manoj’s blood coming out. He threw the sword into the well. And due to fear, he went to the room and hanged. Here the injured Manoj was brought to Kathun for treatment.

Kathun police station investigating officer Mangi Lal said that initial information revealed that the elder brother had asked the younger brother to take him to Kheda Rasulpur. There was an argument between the two. The elder brother attacked with a sword, then hanged himself. The body was shifted to Morchari at night. Action will be taken based on the complaint of family members.

Photo-Deepesh, Kathun

Amitesh Kumar

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