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BSP houses will soon be illuminated with solar energy: approval to install solar panels in township houses

The houses of Bhilai Nagar, set up by Bhilai Steel Plant, will soon be illuminated with solar energy lights. People living here taking advantage of the new scheme will not only be able to save a huge bill of electricity of their homes, but will also be able to earn good money every month. SAIL has cleared the scheme. Soon the plan to install solar panels will be implemented here. Let us tell you that the BSP itself does not supply electricity in the township by not CSPDCL. Therefore, the tariff of the electricity bill of the people living here is also according to the BSP. The BSP is now working on a plan to install solar panels in all the houses in its settled township. This work is being done to encourage the use of non -traditional energy according to the intention of the Center. The process of application for installing solar panels under this scheme has started from 10 February. Due to lack of proper dissemination of the scheme, people have not yet been aware of it. According to information received from BSP management, more than 250 consumers have applied for it. With the introduction of this scheme, the BSP has become the first such township of the township cell that will use solar energy. The Center’s new renewable Energy Ministry has given a target of generating 3 MW power in BSP Township.

BSP will give BSP at subsidized rate Solar panels from your pocket to install solar panels to people living in solar panalb Will not have to be installed. BSP will provide solar panels at subsidized rate. These panels will be setup by the fixed agency in all houses. According to the BSP, BSP will give subsidy of up to 40 percent to domestic consumers. At the same time, subsidy will not be given for public use buildings.

BSP will buy themselves from homes, after installation of solar panels in all houses, the electricity will be purchased by the BSP itself. According to BSP officials, the amount of solar energy is produced on the roof of the consumer throughout the year and the difference between the consumers will be removed in the year. If the consumer has spent more electricity than solar energy, then the bill will be charged at the prescribed rate and if the production of solar energy is less than the slap, then the BSP will pay that difference to the exploiter. The difference between production and consumption will be calculated once a year.

online can also apply. According to the Consumer BSP, the name and details of the system integrator have been created to do this work. In this (, the scheme can be availed by going to the link. The bench shown in the portal of the consumer project will work with a mutual agreement with the integrator based on the mark cost. After filing the application, TEED of BSP will be investigated and later approval will be given on the application by Nodal Officer Deputy General Manager Anil Kumar Chauhan. After that the process of installing the panel will be done. Then the production will start. There will be 3 lakhs in installing a panel of 10 kW, according to the BBSP, it will cost about 45 thousand rupees to install a solar panel of one kilowatt. After that, as the number of panels will be increased, the cost will also increase. According to an estimate, it will cost about 3 lakh rupees to install solar panels up to 10 kW. There will be 5 units of electricity in one kW. If the applicant has installed panels of 3 kW capacity, then he will be able to produce electricity every day from 15 units and 10 kW panel to produce electricity every day. There will be no need to install battery, according to the plan, consumers will be able to install a battery after installing solar panels. There will be no need to apply. The energy generated here will be directly supplied to the BSP grid. Whatever electricity will consumes the consumer, he will do it from the BAC line. In this way, the cost of the most expensive part of solar energy i.e. battery will be able to save the consumer directly. BSP personnel said that the residents and retired BSP personnel RN Vidyarthi say that this is a noble initiative. Those people have not been able to install AC in the house till date due to the BSP heavy electricity bill. Now those people will also be able to get AC installed and will also be able to generate income by using the right electricity. Nisha, a resident of this, said that it is also very good for housewives. Those people will be able to relax in the air of cold AC for some time after getting free from household chores throughout the day.

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