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Budget session of LIVE Assembly: Tribute to former MP Sohan Potai in the House, party leaders shared their memories related to him

Assembly proceedings have started again from Monday. The first former former MP Sohan Potai has been paid tribute in the House. The proceedings of the House were postponed for 10 minutes by keeping silence for some time. All the leaders of the Opposition shared their memories related to Sohan Potai and praised them. CM has not yet reached. The Question Hour has begun.

Leaders said these things about Sohan Potai ..

Kavasi Lakhma- they were the voice of Bastar. Bastar Lok Sabha was going to be normal, this seat is left in the name of tribal, then it is left with them. Worked on the difficulties and troubles of the tribals.

Shishupal Sori- The entire Adivas society is shocked. He used to talk differently from the party where the society used to talk on any issue that emerged as a sharp voice.

Punnu Lal Mohle-Potai ji raised his voice in Parliament. Fought a fight for the tribal society, also created a ruckus from the party. Worked in advancing the society.

Dharam Lal Kaushik- He was identity as a domineering leader. Won the Lok Sabha election for 4 consecutive times. Water in Parliament raised the voice of jungle land.

Saint Netam- Many MPs are unable to speak in Parliament. But Sohan Potai did this work, we are proud of him, worked as a domineering leader.

Earlier the assembly proceedings were postponed on 6 March. On the same day, the Chief Minister of the state Bhupesh Baghel presented the budget of 2023. Holi was a holiday of the assembly. Today, there are chances of uproar on many disputed issues.

Questions and answers will go on between the ruling party and the opposition. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel Chhattisgarh will keep the excavation and business rules 2023 of the secondary mineral simple sand. It is believed that some changes are being made in this rule.

On Monday, a major protest of the Congress is going to be close to Raj Bhavan in Raipur. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel may also join this protest after finishing the initial proceedings of the assembly in the afternoon. State Congress in -charge Kumari Selja will also join the protests.

What else will happen in the Assembly? The information of the Municipality Act will be placed on the table. Will attract attention After this, Satyanarayan Sharma of Congress, Kuldeep Juneja, Shailesh Pandey will attract the attention of the Public Works Minister for not following the guidelines in the construction of Telibandha Expressway of Raipur. There is a possibility of uproar in the House on this issue.

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