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Define Data And It’s Importance

Variable, Measurement and Data What is generating so many data? Data can be generated by human, machines or human-machine combine. It can be generated from anywhere, where any information is generated and stored in structured and unstructured formats. How data adds value to business? Data Warehouse -> -> Business Value Why Data is important?

Setup Local Web Development Environment

Hey guys, this is Bhanu Stark. This is the fourth post on Full-stack web development. In this post, we will know which tools we need for web development on the local machine. Mainly, I will use 2 tools: We will complete our course with only these two tools, later we will install some advanced tools […]

Complete Web Development Course

Frontend Development Web Development Fundamental HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap JavaScript ES6 Document Object Model JQuery The Unix Command Line Git, Github and Version Control Backend Development NodeJS ExpressJS Application Programming Interface (APIs) EJS Database Fundamentals SQL Databases NoSQL Databases Deployment Building RestFul APIs Authentication & Security Important Things ReactJS JavaScript ES6

Introduction to the HTML

Hey guys, this is Bhanu Stark from Public App. In this post, we will see the Introduction to the HTML. This is the 5th post of Full-Stack Web Development. What is HTML? HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Let’s breakdown this – So there are two main parts of this name – HyperText and Mark up Language. What is their meaning? […]

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