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Center is not in favor of recognizing gay marriage: Say in SC- This is against the Indian Family System

The Central Government has opposed petitions to recognize gay marriage in the Supreme Court. In fact, the Center filed a 56 -page affidavit in the court on Sunday and described it against the Indian family system.

The government said that comparison of gay marriage was said by the husband of the Indian family, children born to their wife Can not be done with a concept. Further hearing in the case will be held on Monday i.e. 13 March.

tell that for a long time there was a demand for legal recognition to gay marriage from many parts of the country. Petitions have also been filed in Delhi High Court, Kerala High Court and Gujarat High Court regarding this. All petitions were transferred to the Supreme Court by a three -judge bench of CJI -led CJI to settle the case early. The court had sought the opinion of the Central Government on the matter, on which an affidavit has been filed by the Central Government.

Amitesh Kumar

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