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Chirag raised the issue of security of Biharis: In the party’s national council meeting, what is the general public in Bihar, the police is also scared

The National Council of Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas) was held at the Constitution Club in Delhi on Tuesday. In this meeting, the party’s national president Chirag Paswan raised the issue of security of Biharis living in other states. Expressing concern over the attack on him, Chirag Paswan said that the central government will have to intervene in it. It is not right to do the Bihari laborers who go outside Bihar. The party believes that under the rights conferred in the Indian Constitution, the citizen of any state should be completely independent to go to other states of India, do business and do jobs.

it ended in Bihar. The law is law in the system and workers in the law system, beach Chirag said that the law and order in Bihar has completely ended. The rule of chaotic elements has been established here. Large incidents like looting and murder have become common in Patna, the capital of Bihar in broad daylight. The police who protect the general public are also scared. Whereas, criminals are freely roaming freely.

Targets are being targeted. Dalits and minorities said that Dalits and minorities are being targeted inside Bihar in recent times. He is being killed. There has been a huge increase in such incidents inside Bihar. The party strongly criticizes these incidents and appeals to the people of the country to maintain harmony and harmony. At the same time, the party also demands the central government to take cognizance of these matters at the national level.

Chirag Paswan also raised the case of prisoners in prisoners lodged in jails of Bihar on Chiragamau. . He said that three to four lakh prisoners are lodged in different jails of the state in cases related to liquor. Most of them come from the Dalit class. LJP Ram Vilas demands that the cases of these under consideration be settled as soon as possible. In this regard, serious comments have been made against the Bihar government on behalf of both the Supreme Court and the Patna High Court.

still lice are not crawling on the government’s ear. Bihar’s judicial system has completely collapsed due to excessive number of liquor cases and there is a delay in getting justice in other matters of people. LJP Ram Vilas demands the formation of new courts and appointment of new judges, so that a large number of pending cases can be disposed of as soon as possible.

Amitesh Kumar

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