Circular Linked List

A circular linked list is a type of linked list where the last node of the list points to the first node, forming a cycle. In other words, it’s a linked list that has no end, the tail of the list is connected to the head of the list. Unlike a normal linked list, in a circular linked list, you can traverse the list indefinitely, moving from one node to the next.

Here is an example implementation of a circular linked list in C:


struct Node{
  int data;
  struct Node* next;

struct Node* head = NULL;

void insertAtEnd(int data){
  struct Node* temp = (struct Node*)malloc(sizeof(struct Node));
  temp->data = data;
  temp->next = head;

  if(head == NULL){
    head = temp;

  struct Node* ptr = head;
  while(ptr->next != head){
    ptr = ptr->next;
  ptr->next = temp;

void printList(){
  struct Node* ptr = head;
  if(ptr == NULL){
    printf("The list is empty\n");
    printf("%d ", ptr->data);
    ptr = ptr->next;
  }while(ptr != head);

int main(){
  return 0;

This is just a basic example of a circular linked list, you can add more functionality to it based on your requirements.

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