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CM Yogi is seen attacking Rahul Gandhi without nam

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday attacked the Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi without a strong attack. On the statement made by Rahul in London, CM Yogi mentioned without the name that India’s dominance is increasing on global forums on the one hand under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and on the other hand some people are going to the world countries and criticizing India. Are. PM Modi is nameing the country in the world, while some people are busy defaming the country.

CM reached CMGORTHApur on the President’s address to CM Yogi at the Basharatpur First Shakti Kendra of BJP He was addressing the seminar organized on the address. In this program organized on the call of the top leadership of the party, the Chief Minister said that the people who go to the world and criticize the country are the same people who live in Kerala and do evil of UP and live in Delhi, then Kerala.

These faces need to be identified. They want to weaken the strong democracy of the country. Their family heritage has been the divisive politics of distribution and rule. Their mentality of partition and their conspiracy should not be allowed to succeed.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while speaking on the President’s address of the President of the new India. The achievements of the country achieved in 9 years represent new India. The President’s address has a golden picture of the country’s achievements and future plans. In the coming days, India will be a country showing the way to the world. It is the responsibility of all workers to adopt its echoes in the President’s address.

Demonstrates India’s strength. Displays the strength of. The world of India’s strength is singing on the global stage. India’s dominance has increased globally. Whether it is about Afghanistan or Russia-Ukraine war, everywhere is waiting for PM Modi’s initiative.

A new picture of the country being presented and the Prime Minister of Australia came to India recently, PM of Japan Are going to come. All these present a new picture of the country. He appealed to join everyone with the Panch Pran of PM Modi and said that everyone will have to work together for the creation of a developed country, to end the shares of slavery, respect the heritage and revolutionaries, unity and unity of the dash. He said that our constitution not only gives rights but also makes duties realize.

The country led by PM Modi, the country, said the long jump, Yogi said that there are two important aspects of the President’s address. The first government’s achievements and the second future plans. In the national perspective, the country has made a long jump in every sphere of life under the leadership of PM Modi during 9 years. There has been widespread positive change in every field from farming from farming to innovation. If there is a manifold increase in income, then space travel is also being done from private satellite. . This is the mantra of everyone with everyone, development, everyone’s trust and everyone’s effort. He said that the late Rajiv Gandhi used to say in helplessness that only 15 paise out of 100 in government schemes used to reach the poor.

85 paise brokers used to eat brokers. Older and widow pension also used to be commissioned. Today, PM Modi has made such a system that through DBT, the entire amount reaches the accounts of the beneficiaries. Somewhere there is no burglary, corruption has been tightened.

Four activists did the 16 -page address of the address, before the address of the Chief Minister’s address, four activists read the 16 pages of the address of President Mrs. Draupadi Murmu. Every worker read four-four-page. The readers included Shailesh Bhatt, Mrs. Muktakeshi Tripathi, DN Yadav, Rajesh Tiwari respectively. Along with all the workers present, CM Yogi also listened to the entire address leisurely.

Amitesh Kumar

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