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Complete Web Development Course

Complete Web Development Course

Frontend Development

Web Development Fundamental


  • Learn the anatomy of HTML syntax to structure your website.
  • Understand the HTML boilerplate and HTML doctypes.
  • How to structure the text in HTML
  • How to structure HTML lists to create ordered and unordered lists.
  • How to insert image using HTML.
  • How to create hyperlinks using anchor tag.
  • Understand how to use HTML table for content.
  • How to use table for layout
  • Learn HTML best practices.
  • Understand the HTML forms and create simple HTML contact me form.
  • HTML div and how to separate content for CSS styling.


  • Understand what are the cascading style sheets and how can you use it for your content.
  • How to use CSS selectors and properties.
  • Learn how to use inline, internal and external CSS.
  • Understand CSS coding best practices.
  • Learn about CSS sizing methods.
  • Learn the anatomy of CSS syntax and structure.
  • CSS specificity and implementing style hierarchy.
  • Classes vs IDs and how to target each.
  • CSS display and how to implement layout.
  • How to use CSS static, relative and absolute positioning system.
  • Font styling using CSS and web safe fonts.
  • Centering elements using CSS.
  • Website design fundamental and typography.
  • How to use CSS float and clear.
  • How to combine CSS selectors and understand selectors priority.


  • Learn the fundamentals of implementing responsive web design.
  • How to use balsamiq to mockup and wireframe websites.
  • How to install the bootstrap framework.
  • Understand the bootstrap grid layout system.
  • How to use containers to layout your website easily.
  • Learn to use other bootstrap components such as buttons.
  • Adding symbols/icons using font awesome.
  • Learn to use Bootstrap carousels (sliders).
  • Adding bootstrap cards to your website.
  • Using bootstrap navigation bars.

JavaScript ES6

  • The fundamentals of code.
  • Starting code with alerts and prompts.
  • Understand variables and data types in JavaScript.
  • Variable naming in JavaScript.
  • Working with strings and numbers in JavaScript.
  • Randomization and logical operators.
  • Loops, collections and conditions.
  • Function and invocation patterns.
  • Discussion of ECMAScript.
  • Intermediate Level JavaScript.
  • Learn to use JS expression, operators, statements and declairations.
  • Object-Oriented programming.
  • JS objects and prototypes.
  • Refactoring and debugging.

Document Object Model

  • Learn the tree structure of HTML based websites.
  • Traverse through the document using object notation.
  • Separation of concern and coding best practices.
  • Manipulate and change the HTML elements using your understanding of the DOM.


  • Installing and using the JQuery framework.
  • Learning about JQuery functionality.
  • Introduction to functions in JQuery.
  • Manipulate the text, style and attributes with JQuery.
  • Create animations and customization with JQuery.
  • Use the JQuery knowledge to make your website interactive.
  • Responding to user initiated events with JQuery.

The Unix Command Line

  • How to use the basic Bash commands on Unix/Linux terminal.
  • How to manipulate files and folders without needing a graphical user interface.
  • How to download and install on your computer using command line interface.

Git, Github and Version Control

  • Using git for version control and collaboration.
  • Git forking, branching and cloning.
  • Using github as a remote repository.

Backend Development


  • Exploring the components of backend development and working with an MVC framework.
  • Apply concepts like data types, objects, methods, object oriented programming and classes in the context of backend developement.
  • Server side JavaScript.
  • Using node on the command line.
  • npm
  • JavaScript build processes.
  • Event loop and emitters.
  • File system interaction.
  • Modules
  • Native node drivers.


  • Understand how to install and use express JS in node applications.
  • Creating node and express based servers.
  • RESTFul routing with ExpressJS.
  • Understand and use middleware of node applications.

Application Programming Interface (APIs)

  • Understand what APIs are and how they work.
  • HTTP in depth.
  • Calling APIs
  • Reading API documentations.
  • Basic API authentications.
  • Server to server communication JSON vs XML, sending data over the wire.


  • Understand what EJS does and how to use it with node and express.
  • Templating with EJS.
  • Running codes in EJS templates.
  • Passing data from server to template and vice versa.
  • Creating layout/partials with EJS.

Database Fundamentals

  • Data relationships.
  • Designing a data model.
  • Relational database.
  • Alternative databases.
  • Entity Relationship Modeling (ERM) and Object Relation Mapping (ORM)

SQL Databases

  • Working with database schemas
  • Create Read Update Destroy (CRUD)
  • Database Joins.
  • Querying SQL databases.

NoSQL Databases

  • Serialization.
  • How to model NoSQL data.
  • Document databases (MongoDB).
  • Create Read Update Destroy (CRUD).
  • NoSQL best practices.
  • Mongo shell and command line use.
  • Installing MongoDB.
  • Mapping relationship with MongoDB.
  • Using an object data modeling library (mongoose) to work easily with your data.


  • Understand hosting and deployment.
  • Hosting static websites with Github pages.
  • Deploying server based application on Heroku.
  • Deploying database with Mongo Atlas.

Building RestFul APIs

  • Understand REST and guiding principles behind API design.
  • Learn to work with MongoDB GUI Robo 3t.
  • Implementing GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE by creating public APIs from scratch.
  • Understand and use chained route handler from scratch.

Authentication & Security

  • Understand the need for authentication and keeping user details secure.
  • Learn about encryption and use encryption to keep your database secure.
  • Learn and implement hashing and salting using bcrypt.
  • Using sessions and cookies to persist user login sessions.
  • Setting up local authentication from scratch.
  • Implementing passport to authenticate users quickly and effectively.
  • Understand and use the environment variables to keep secret keys secured.
  • Understand and use OAuth 2.0 to log in users using Google and Facebook.

Important Things


  • Learn front-end development with React.
  • Understand when and how to use react components.
  • Learn to pass props and work with them.
  • Learn to write JSX and understand JSX syntax.
  • Learn about React DOM.
  • Learn state management in React.
  • Learn about React hooks.
  • Learn about conditional rendering in react.
  • Understanding the difference between class and function components.

JavaScript ES6

  • Arrow functions.
  • Map/Filter/Reduce.
  • Find/FindOne/Index.
  • Import, export and modules.
  • Object and array destruction.
  • Spread operators.

Complete Web Development Course

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