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Congress’s strength demonstration in LIVE Bhopal, foot march started: Workers set out to surround Raj Bhavan; Police put barricades, 500 personnel deployed

Congress has announced the siege of Raj Bhavan today. For this, the workers have started arriving. The party will perform under the leadership of PCC Chief Kamal Nath. There will be a public meeting at Jawahar Chowk. From here, Congress MLAs and activists will march on foot and go to Raj Bhavan. The Congress has been enraged by the suspension of MLA Jeetu Patwari from the budget session of Madhya Pradesh Assembly.

500 police personnel have been deployed in view of the Congress performance. The police have already installed barricades at the Rangmahal Talkies intersection of Raj Bhavan. A large number of police forces are stationed at Rangmahal intersection. Next to this, arrangements have been made to stop Congress leaders at Roshanpura intersection. The police will not allow Congress leaders to move beyond Roshanpura intersection. Traffic has also been diverted on some routes.

Today’s foot march on these issues

Congress state vice president and organization in -charge Rajiv Singh said, the BJP government at the Center has industrialist Gautam The policy of Cronony Capitalism has been adopted in favor of Adani. Since then, the savings of crores of Indians of poor and middle class have been in danger. Rising inflation in the country, unemployment prevailing in the state, stressed farmers, scheduled castes, tribes, backward classes, minority class and women are being committed by the common people due to wrong policies of BJP government including atrocities, rapes, murder, demolished law and order, robbery, robbery. disturbed. The BJP and the Sangh ideology are intent on misuse and tarnishing their image. Therefore, on the instructions of the All India Congress Committee, the above siege-west march is being organized.

told the MLAs- Arrange for the workers to stay

for the demonstration A letter was written to all the Congress MLAs from the side. Instructed that the workers coming from their constituency should arrange and arrange food. On behalf of the Congress organization, all the MLAs, former assembly and Lok Sabha candidates were asked to bring the workers to Bhopal. Women Congress, Youth Congress, NSUI, Seva Dal, including all cells and departments, also gave responsibility to bring people to the people. On the siege, BJP state president VD Sharma said, Congress wants to show that it does not have the issue now. She can only do politics of lies and deceit. He said that the BJP governments in the country and the state are working in such a way that they can tell with full responsibility what work we have done in which village. How the campaign to change the life of the poor has come true. The state president said that in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP government is providing benefits by registering on spots of those who have not got the benefit of the schemes. Chairman VD Sharma said that if I say that for the first time, Madhya Pradesh has got such governors who are actively working on various issues related to the public, then it is not wrong. Governor is working to eradicate diseases like Alexalsel anemia. Under his guidance, there are extensive changes in the field of education. The Congress should respect such governor.

Divert will remain traffic

In view of the performance of the Congress, the police has made a traffic diversion plan from 11 am to 2 pm. During the protest, there will be more traffic pressure on Bharat Mata Square, Rangmahal intersection, Atal path. Vehicles traveling from Bhadbhada Square, Bharat Mata Chauraha to Jawahar Chowk and Roshanpura will travel through Nehru Nagar Square, Manit Square, Mata Temple, P&T Square, TT Nagar. , To move towards VIP Road, vehicles will have to go from Bharat Mata Square via Smart Road. Traffic will be more from Roshanpura intersection to Bharat Mata Square, Rangmahal Square and Atal Path. Therefore all types of public transport, freight carriers, heavy and commercial vehicles will be banned on this route.

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