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Councilor Thorat used donation land: Residents used to use garbage in the garden.

Street garden will now be seen in the road on which people used to throw garbage. With the formation of a garden, the tendency to throw garbage among people will be reduced to a great extent. This garden will come to about two and a half bighas of land in ward number six. Councilor Nanu Thorat has set a target to complete the work of this garden in about 6 months. For that, he dedicated his half bigha land in the garden to the name of the ward. On Friday, he broke his teen shed. Although there is still stone unturned.

people decided to stop the tendency to throw garbage and to environmental protection, Nanu Thorat decided to build a garden on two and a half disturbances. For this, he has prepared to bring a proposal in the municipality. The garden will not only have a bench to sit on the roadside. Rather selfie point will also be made. Councilor Nanu Thorat said that more than 250 trees and plants of different species will be planted in the garden. Will be able to For example, with the help of broken pipes, old pots, flooring, buckets, trays of cold drinks, tires and marble pieces, pots, beds and selfie points etc. will be made. Plants will be brought from the forest department to plant saplings in the garden. It will also be challenging to level the ground for the garden. He has started the exercise to make the street garden beautiful by choosing one stone from each of the sand coming to build a house.

Councilor says that due to the formation of a street garden The trend will decrease. Especially the children living nearby throw garbage and throw garbage. Councilors will now set bells and chandeliers on the lines of Nepal around the garden. Apart from this, there is also a desire to develop the constellation garden on getting land in the area.

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