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Crime in marriage, bullying with jewelery bags: Car glass boils, search for car riders

There was an incident with a family in a wedding in Vijayanagar, Indore. After bursting the glass of the car parked in the parking lot near the garden, the crooks escaped with three bags, including a bag full of gold jewelery. The police have registered a case in the case. Here, on the basis of CCTV footage, the accused are being searched

According to the police, the incident is near La Omni Garden. The incident took place with Lokesh Malpani, who came to the family program from Narsinghpur here. Lokesh told the police that his car number MP-49-C-8963 broke the glass of the gate and took three bags. In which gold sets, ear ring, gold earrings, prized clocks, artificial jewelery, makeup sets, wedding dresses and about 30,000 cash were stolen. Police have received footage from close. After which the accused are being searched.

Controversy with car riders, woman’s money filled with money also stopped the woman’s car and misbehaved after a woman going by car in Gaaballasia. Did. During this time, the purse of a woman full of money kept in the car was stolen. The police have registered a case in the case. According to the police, a case has been registered against the driver and colleagues of the car number MP15CC6417 on the complaint of Tisha Sharma resident Sukhalia. Tisha told that he was going by his car in front of the metro mall. During this time, the youth in another car got down from the car and patted my hand on my car. They opened the gate of my car. I panicked and pulled the gate and closed the gate from the other side and patted the gate of the car. People in the car left when the passers stopped. After leaving, Tisha saw the purse in her car and she was missing. In which 7 thousand cash and other documents were kept.

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