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Discom employees demonstrated: demand to change the investigating officer in case of assault with employee, MD office will surround

Employees demonstrated while questioning the police investigation in the case of assault with Discom employees who went to recover electricity bills. Outside the Discom GSS, INTUC officials protested while shouting slogans. On Monday evening, engineers and other employees will also surround the MD office.

2 days ago, locals were assaulted by locals who went to recover electricity bill in Pal Road Keshav Nagar. A report was given by Discom against Pankaj and others. Mutual cases were also registered. But the report of obstruction in the state’s state by Discom was registered against the unknown. Along with this, the employees have also demanded to change the investigating officer. Employees allege that the accused can affect the investigation due to his high influence. Here in this case, a case of indecent behavior and shame was filed by the other party on behalf of the other party.

demonstrations while shouting slogans Employees demonstrated on the GSS of Discom near Andaram school on the demand. All the engineers and technical employees of DISCOM will also surround the DISCOM’s Office of Discom on Monday evening.

Amitesh Kumar

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