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Dog attack on the engineer’s son in the lift: The child escaped and saved himself, the father said- if not the police, I will take action from the court

Dog attack incidents in Delhi-NCR are continuously increasing. Labrador breed dog entered into a society lift in Ghaziabad attacked the son of a software engineer. He ran out of the lift and saved his life. After the CCTV in this case surfaced, the engineer of the society has complained to the police station Republic on Monday night. However, no case has been filed yet. On the ground floor, the Labrador hit, narrowly saved the case, the case is of Supertech Living Stone Housing Society located in the Crossing Republic Police Station area in Ghaziabad. Vihan Gupta, the 11 -year -old son of software engineer Naval Kishore Gupta, who lives on the 9th floor here, was going from the lift to the 9th floor from the lift at 7 pm on March 12. So a person entered inside with a dog of Labrador breed. Immediately this dog pounced on the child. Tried to bite him. The dog owner grabbed her mouth and pulled the child out of the lift. CCTV footage shows that after this incident the child was scared and stood at the lift gate. It remains. Applications have been given against the dog owner in the police station Crossing Republic, but the police is not ready to FIR. The police has put this matter on the Municipal Corporation and said that the dog owner has only sent notices. However, after this episode, an order has been issued in the society on Monday that no one will take the dog in the lift. Naval Kishore Gupta said that probably there is no registration of this dog in the Municipal Corporation. If the police do not take action, they will take action through the court.

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