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Dying and dying, the monk opened the big secret: Giving the address of Motihari in Mumbai, he said, “Go there will meet your parents; 15 years ago you were stolen

This story of a young man from Bihar is full film. When he was 3 years old, he stole a monk. The other monk took the child from that monk. Took Mumbai and started raising like his son. Shortly before dying, the monk opened the secret of stealing in front of the young man.

Sadhu said- You are not my son. About 15 years ago, you were stolen from Areraj Dham in East Champaran (Motihari) district of Bihar. Your parents came to worship at the temple. A monk stole you from the temple. At that time you were 3 years old. I took you from that monk. Came to Mumbai and kept you as his son, but when I am going from this world now, I thought that let me tell you the truth.

Hearing this, the ground slipped under the young man’s feet. He came to Bihar in search of his father’s father after performing the last rites of the monk. He has been looking for his real parents here for two years. The villages and towns of Bihar are searching. Pawan is currently in Taraiya village of Chapra.

The young man’s name is Pawan. He is still 18 years old. He told that till two years ago he lived with a monk in Mumbai. The monks used to offer prayers in a temple. I used to serve the monk.

asked about the mother and said- the dead said that the monk used to tell him his son. When I asked about my mother, he said that he died. After this I never questioned.

Sadhu fell ill in December 2021. Then he called me to him. He told the story of my theft and gave the address that go there will meet your real parents.

Pawan Kumar cried crying and said what is my real name? I do not know. My name has been named by Sadhu Baba. Baba said while dying that your parents will definitely be there in Bihar today. They may have been waiting for you. I reached Bihar from Pawan Express from Mumbai. Then Gaya went. Now I am visiting the village-village from there.

In Taraiya of Chhapra, I reached the house of Dumri village block Dhanvir Kumar Singh Vikku in Dumri village block of Pawan Taraiya police station area. Here, while narrating his tragedy, we cried with a buzz. Currently, the youth is staying at the house of Ramchandra Sah of Hardaschak village of Dumri Panchayat. But I bow I request God to send my message to my parents.

Amitesh Kumar

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