Earn Money at Public App

You can earn money by signing up and just browsing the Public App website or by posting content on Public App. You will earn points then you can withdraw them to your account as money.

How to Earn Points

By Using Public App

  • If you don’t wanna post any thing just browing on Public App website then you can earn points on your actions

By Post on Public App

  • By posting content on Public App, you will earn points.
  • If someone sees your content then after you will earn points (for your content view you will earn points)

How to Withdraw Points as Money

  • Go to user navigation click on withdraw.
  • Enter your account details or paypal email address.
  • Enter the points you want to withdraw.
  • Then Click on Submit.
  • In next 24 hours, you will get your money to your account.

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