Elicitation Analysis

Elicitation analysis is a process used in business analysis and requirements gathering to identify, collect, and analyze information from stakeholders to define the requirements for a system or product. It is the process of discovering and documenting stakeholder needs, requirements, and expectations in order to determine the scope of a project.

The elicitation analysis process involves a variety of techniques, such as interviews, surveys, workshops, focus groups, observations, and document analysis. These techniques are used to gather information about the business problem or opportunity, the stakeholders involved, and the current system or process being used. Once the information is gathered, it is analyzed to identify common themes, patterns, and gaps in the requirements.

The goals of elicitation analysis are to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are identified and that their needs are understood and documented. It helps to ensure that the requirements are complete, accurate, and aligned with the business goals and objectives. By using elicitation analysis, business analysts can identify the underlying problems, understand stakeholder needs and expectations, and identify potential solutions that will meet those needs.

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