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Encounter in Mathura: A crook got injured by bullet, was absconding in robbery case

Police got an encounter with a police crook in Kotwali Vrindavan area of Mathura. In the case of robbery, he was shot in the leg during the encounter of the absconding crook. Police arrested the miscreant who was shot dead and admitted to the hospital for treatment.

15 thousand was reward

Mathura police station Kotwali Vrindavan police in the case of robbery to Vrindavan police The absconding crook Nikku alias Ritesh alias Nitesh alias Lucky son Ajay alias Prem Singh alias Prempal Singh was looking for Aurangabad Mathura. On the 23 -year Nikku, the Mathura police had declared a reward of 15 thousand.

the encounter near Pawan Hans Heliped

SOG and Vrindavan police received information late on Sunday night that In the case of robbery, the miscreant Nikku, who is absconding, is standing near Pawan Hans Heliped to carry out an incident. The police reached the spot as soon as the information was received. On seeing the police, Nikku fired. In response to which the police also fired.

The crook

Nikku was shot in the leg in the encounter between the police and the crook. Nikku was injured due to bullet. After which the police arrested Nikku in the injured condition. After arresting, the injured Nikku was admitted to the district hospital for treatment.

It recovered , In addition to cartridges, stolen motorcycle and robbery mobile were recovered. Nikku has a case recorded in Sadar Bazar, City Kotwali, High Way and Vrindavan Kotwali in Mathura. Gangster case is also recorded in the city Kotwali on Nikku.

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