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Farmer’s death due to current: Youth went to the farm in Rewa in the morning, after not returning till evening, the family arrived at night, found dead

A farmer died of electrocution in Kachur village under Baikunthpur police station in Rewa district. According to the police, at 9 am on Sunday morning, the young man went to take the field grass. There, the Akri grass between the wheat crop was uprooted. After this, the power line came in contact with the burden. As soon as the blow of the current was shocked, the farmer fell into the field and died.

When the farmer did not return home till evening, the family hugged the fear of untoward. In such a situation, the villagers gathered and went to the farm at 9 pm. There he saw that the farmer was lying dead. The villagers immediately informed the Baikunthpur police. After the information, the police arrived and took the body. In the presence of the FSL team on Monday morning, the site has been investigated.

This is the case, Inspector RK Mishra, in -charge of the police station, said that the identity of the deceased farmer, Pushpendra Mishra son Baijnath Mishra, 33 years, as a resident of Kachur village, as a resident of Kachur village. happened. Information about the accident was given by the family at 9 pm on March 12. After which the police station was forced. In the morning Scene of Crime Mobile Unit, Dr. RP Shukla has come with his team.

The negligence of the Electricity Department alleged that the villagers have alleged that in many places in Kachur village, LT line in the fields of farmers There are two faces instead. Many times not heard even after complaints. In such a situation, the farmers were made in their own way in the third face two pole. The same face line was just 5 to 6 feet in height from the ground. Due to which the farmer came in contact with the line while raising the burden of grass.

death by yearning, the fingers of the hand believe that the height of the power line is much less than the ground. In such a situation, the LT line touched as soon as Akri Hariyar took the burden. The farmer collapsed as soon as the shock was shocked. No one took the search news from morning to night. Due to which he has died after yearning. In the morning investigation has revealed that the hands and fingers are burnt with current. Due to which the life is immediately gone.

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