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Father-grandfather lost in Korona: Youth, social workers got married, CM praises, example of Gurjarkhedi inspiration for MP

In Gurjarkhedi village of Sohagpur of Narmadapuram, youth, social workers and police are praising everywhere for the work of marrying a poor daughter with great pomp. MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan also did not lag behind in praising this work. On Sunday, on the day of Rangpanchami, CM Shivraj Singh said that in Gurjarkhedi of Narmadapuram, the youth set an example for the state by making a girl’s marriage with public cooperation. Which is a convoy. If the public is determined to work together with the government, then no one can be deprived. Many congratulations to Deepa daughter. Get it done The lack of father and grandfather was not allowed to feel the daughter. Along with lifting the expenses of marriage, the daughter also presented jewelry, necessary domestic material. Late daughter of daughter Deepa Vishwakarma in village Gujarkhedi of Sohagpur. Kamlesh Vishwakarma and Dadaji died in Korona epidemic. The father was a carpenter by profession. Some time ago Deepa Vishwakarma was married to the marriage of Amit Vishwakarma resident village Kundali on 9 March. The financial condition of Deepa’s house was bad, but the youth of Gurjarkhedi, social workers decided to marry Deepa with pomp. The youth of the village extended their hands one by one, formed a social media group. One by one, people donated a quarter to 2 lakh rupees and Deepa’s marriage was done with great pomp. In Deepa’s wedding, local administration police and social workers also helped with open heart. . All together joined the marriage on 9 March Friday and performed the duty of the father. Social workers Amit Billore Sohagpur, Sharad Dubey Shobhapur, Zaki Ansari Shobhapur, Abdul Haq alias Bhaya Sohagpur, Thana Sohagpur, SI Dharmendra Verma, SI Megha Udayania, Principal constable Rajaram, Prakash Singh Chauhan, SI Varsha Dhakad were presented to the daughter. . Social workers, Sohagpur and Shobhapur police station Sohagpur staff a fridge, cooler, gold ear, nath, silver anklets and bichodi, whole items of saris and makeup and sofa sets, beds, dressing tables by

, Daughter Deepa and Vara were blessed by offering items like Godrej, Mixi, Uteard Kitchen Set, Bed box, TV etc. Singh said that we should always welcome positive and creative work. Many voluntary organizations come. With public participation, we can bring revolution in the society. One such example is presented by Gurjarkhedi, a small village in Narmadapuram. Deepa, Deepa’s father, had died a few years ago in Gurjar Khedi. The father was a carpenter by profession. The financial condition of the house was bad. But the youth of Gurjar Khedi decided to marry Deepa with pomp. I am happy to say that the youth of the village, one by one, made a social media group, one by one, one by one, ₹ 2 lakh people donated and Deepa’s marriage was done with great fanfare. Local administration police and social workers also helped with open heart in Deepa’s wedding! This example of Gurjarkhedi is an inspiration for the whole state. If the public is determined, no one can be deprived along with the government. Deepa daughter very congratulations to God always keep her happy.

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