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FIR against Maulana Tauqir Raza in Moradabad: Moradabad police registered a case in serious sections in case of giving hatred speech

Moradabad Police has registered a hate speech case against Maulana Tauqir Raza Khan. This FIR against Maulana Tauqir has been registered under sections 153-A, 295-A and 505 (2) of IPC at Nagfni police station in Moradabad. He has been recorded in the case of inflammatory speech given by him in Moradabad. On March 11, Maulana Taukir took a tricolor journey from Bareilly to Rampur and reached Moradabad. He held a press conference after a chadarposhi at the tomb here. In which he had said inflammatory and provocative things. This video of Maulana Tauqir went viral on social media. The police has now started investigating the case by registering an FIR in this case. What is said in the FIR, the police has lodged the FIR of the case on behalf of SI Ompal Singh posted at the Nagfni police station. In this, SI has said- “Maulana Tauqir Raza Khan took the tricolor journey on March 11 and reached Moradabad from Bareilly via Rampur. Madrasa Jamia Ashrafia Tehzibul Islam Kohana in Mughalpura here, after performing a chadar on the Mazar Sharif of Hazrat Syed Azam Mian Rahmatullah in Mughalpura. It was addressed to the conference. In this, he tried to spoil social harmony by using the words that spread enmity in a particular community. He said that the Hindu nation should make such a big hatred to create an atmosphere of chaos, we are afraid that our youths are afraid Stand that he should announce that Muslims want a country. ” Apart from this, the police have also recorded excerpts from Maulana Tauqir’s inflammatory speech in the FIR.

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