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First the head of the father, the father’s head, then the neck neck: Food and thrown in a suitcase in Gorakhpur; Father did not give money to get rid of bike

A son killed his father in Gorakhpur. First the father attacked her head with a silly and killed him. Then cut the neck with a knife and saw and separated it from the head. After this, the dead body was filled in the suitcase and thrown behind the house.

The incident took place late Saturday in Suryakund in Tiwaripur area. The only reason for the murder is that the accused took a bike on finance. His bike was pulled by the banker. Was asked for money from his father to get rid of his bike. When he refused to give, he killed his father. However, while carrying the father’s body, the younger brother of the accused reached home. However, the accused sent him inside the house and locked the door from outside and put the father’s body hideout. When asked about the father and grandmother, the accused elder brother said, ‘Grandma has gone to uncle’s house. Whereas, the father does not know anything. The younger brother was suspicious of this and informed the police.

father did not give the money first, the accused kept roaming the police all night. However, when the police strictly questioned it, he broke. He confessed the truth that he had killed his father. On his spot, the police recovered the body from a drain behind the house.

the police also arrested the accused son. In police interrogation, the son confessed that he had asked for money from his father. However, he refused to give. He then killed his father. The police is currently investigating the case.

The elderly people used to run a grocery store, the wife of Madhur Murali Gupta (62), a resident of Suryakund in Pitativaripur area, has died long ago. His mother Hiramani Devi and two sons live in the family. The elder son is Prince Kumar Gupta alias Santosh (35). Whereas, the younger son is Prashant Gupta. Madhur Murali used to run a grocery store under the house. Whereas, he had rented two shops. At the same time, his elder son Prince alias Santosh does not do any work. He lived at home. Whereas, the younger son Prashant does a private job at a surgical shop in Bhalotia Market.

Bank had pulled the bank, according to Prashant, the younger brother of the bike murder, Prince was in a lot of debt these days. He bought a bike after financed. He was not able to collect even EMI of the bike. Due to which the bankers withdrew the bike a few days ago. He was very upset about this. The Prince was asking for money from his father to get rid of the bike. However, the father refused to give the money.

The first son of Holi had gone to his maternal home with his wife, before the wife, there was a dispute with his wife about the same thing. After this, his wife took her 5 -year -old son to her maternal home in Ramzankinagar in Shahpur area. On Saturday, the younger brother went to his work. There were only father Madhur Murali Gupta, grandmother Hiramani Devi and elder son Prince in the house. Had been. There was a lot of tension in the house, so in the evening he himself said that grandmother goes to uncle’s house for some time. Your mind will be enthralled. Grandma also came into his words. She went to her younger son’s house. Meanwhile, the father was worshiping in the house late in the evening. Then the Prince brought the spice grinding seal discount in the house and hit the father’s head from behind. ‘

The neck was not cut with a knife, according to the sawdar, the father unconscious as soon as the head was hurt, the father unconscious Have become. He started bleeding from his head. After this, Prince brought the vegetable cutting knife kept in the house and started cutting the father’s neck. He turned due to not intensifying the knife. After this, Prince brought the saw blade kept in the house and cut the father’s neck and separated from him. took. Threw all the clothes kept in the suitcase and thrown it out and then the father’s body started filling in the suitcase. However, due to the suitcase being small, the body could not be packed in it. In such a situation, after filling the father’s body in the suitcase, he tied him in a sheet and then pulled him down. On reaching down, he was looking for a rickshaw right now, when Prince’s younger brother Prashant also reached home.

The younger brother was suspicious that the police called the police brother and the Prince asked him to go up and inside the younger brother As soon as he left, locked the door of the house from outside and took the body of the father and went to place the hideout. When Prashant reached inside the house, he was stunned to see the blood stains throughout the house. He started making noise. After a while, Prince also returned by putting his father’s body hideout. When asked, he told, Grandma has gone to uncle’s house. But, father is not known. The younger brother got some doubt and informed the police.

Broke in front of the police, Princepulis reached the spot and started investigating. At first, the Prince kept rotating the police for a long time. However, when the police strictly questioned him, he broke down and confessed the truth. SP City, Krishna Kumar Vishnoi says that the police have arrested the accused Prince. Father’s body has also been recovered on his spot.

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