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Foreign media told Deepika Brazilian model: Fans got angry on social media, said- This is a sheer racism

Actress Deepika Padukone’s identity was wrongly identified at the Oscar Award Ceremony held at Los Angeles on 13 March. During this time, the foreign media channel revealed his identity Hollywood model Camilla Alves. On this attitude of foreign media, Deepika’s fans erupted and heard the channel through tweet. Are. On this, fans furious said that Deepika herself is a well -known face of the international cinema industry. Despite this, if the foreign media does not recognize them, it is a sheer racism and the sheer negligence of the media channel.

Deepika’s fans wrote on the media channel tagging the Bhadasgatti Media Channel on the media channel. ‘This is Deepika Padukone, not Camila Alves.’ Another user wrote- Yeh Hai Pathan’s Leading Lady Deepika Padukone. He was boycotted in India for his film 2 months ago and today he represented India at the Oscars. Today Boycott gang should be ashamed. Another fan wrote- Getty image, this is Deepika Padukone. You may be confused that these are Camila Alves. Let me tell you that Deepika is very famous in herself. She has 72 million followers and has also won several awards.

Deepika drew towards her in a black gown. Sabka Dhyandeepika took her brilliant entry on the 2023 Oscar carpet in Luis Wuiton Classic of Shoulder Gown. With his beauty, he caught everyone’s attention. During the ceremony, Deepika reached the stage with a very beautiful and self-confidence and presented RRR songs Natu-Natu. Prior to this, Parsis Khambata and Priyanka Chopra have reached the Oscars as a presenter. Congratulations have been received from all over the country including celebs for this special achievement of Deepika. Alia Bhatt, from Samantha Ruth Prabhu to Kangana Ranot, many celebs wished her on social media.

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