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Foreigners will be able to get treatment in India on AYUSH visa: 20 thousand Vaidya data related to Indian medicine has been done online

Ayush visas will be issued especially to patients wishing to get Ayurveda treatment from abroad from abroad. The central government has given it the green signal. With the release of AYUSH visa, foreigners can easily take advantage of Indian medical practice by coming to India. Dainik Bhaskar interacted with Acharya and Registration Department, National Commission Delhi Chairman Vaidya Rakesh Sharma, who arrived at the three -day Ayurveda Mahasammelan in Meerut. Gave every information related to Ayush visa …

Question: What is Ayush Visa, how will it work? This has also been talked about in WHO. Ayush visa such foreign patients who want to come to India and seek treatment for Ayurveda and Indian System of Medicine. He will get Ayush visa on their passport.

Question: What will be the benefit of Ayush visa? Answer: Foreign patients who come on normal visa now have limited duration, but treatment can be done long. In such a situation, they have trouble living in India. AYUSH visa will remove this problem. If the medical is long, the visa date can be increased. The patient will get full time to get treatment in India. Secondly, patients will easily find doctors of Ayurveda in India through visa. In relation to the doctors of Ayurveda, foreign patients can get information from Hil in India, the portal of the Ministry of AYUSH. All the information about the doctors of other Indian practices including Ayurveda, Unani, Siddadh and Sibrippa is available on the portal, then the patients will get this benefit.

Question: How will Ayush Visa be made, what will be fees? Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Answer: Will be for foreign patients. In every ambency abroad, patients can apply for India’s AYUSH visa. Visa will be released from there. Ayush visa will be free, but the cost of treatment will have to be given to the patient in India. How long the Ayush visa will be, it will depend on the duration of treatment, accordingly you will get a visa. Thousand Vaidyas have been associated with both the Hail in India and Heel Bai India to the portal. Other Vaidyas of the country have also been associated with it. There are about 5 lakh practices in India. We are taking data from Vaidyas from every state. Heal in India and Hil Bai are connecting it to the India portal. These portals belong to the Ministry of AYUSH. Foreign patients can get all kinds of information from both these portals.

Question: What changes are happening in Ayurveda medical education? Answer: Medical education of Ayurveda has also been changed under the new education policy. Now Ayurveda has increased practical in education, has reduced theory. Telling students about both nature, deformity. Elective subjects, whose examination can be online, has also been linked to Ayurveda education. Learned education has also been linked to Ayurveda. Computer training, Arytek has also been added to it.

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