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Formula 1 car caught fire in Mumbai, VIDEO: Oracle red bull racing, event after eight years

A Formula 1 car caught fire during Oracle Red Bull Racing on Sunday in Bandra, Mumbai. The incident took place near Bandstand in Bandra, Mumbai, where the car was racing. The rescue team reached the spot and extinguished the fire. No casualties are reported to be reported.

Red Bull Racing Show Run 8 years later, the racing is taking place in India after a long gap of eight years. The current Formula 1 World Champions Red Bull Racing has been waiting for a long time. In this, four -time F1 World Champion Sebastian Vetail’s RB7 car will be run in Formula 1 veteran David Culture Dra. Vettel won his third driver World Championship with RB7 in 2011.

France’s Jean Eric Wargain won the title of first e-formula race on 12 February 2023 in the title Hyderabad won the title by Jean Eric Vergen of France. . This was the 12th win of this experienced player of DS Pence. He drove the car at a speed of more than 300 km per hour in Hyderabad, causing his victory to be almost decided. Eric, a Formula One Racer at one time, is currently the biggest name of the e -formula. Eric was born in Pontois, France.

He started carting (a kind of car racing) from the age of four. He first participated in the Formula One Race in 2000. Gradually, he made a lot of name in this format and won many big championships. The year 2010 was the most special for him. He won 12 out of 24 races this year. He was then the driver of Redbull.

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