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Fraud in the name of recruitment in railway in Punjab: 114 people victims, 12-12 lakhs for everyone; 3 months training in the name of appearance

A case of cheating with 114 people in the name of job in railway in Punjab has come to light. 12-12 lakh rupees were recovered from all 114 victims in the name of job. All the truth seems to be true, 114 people were also trained in Varanasi. All were sent home after three months. When the station was not allotted for a long time, the fraud was detected.

114 people complained to Vigilance, investigation began. The Vigilance team took 20 thousand rupees from a victim’s family and caught a person named Daljit Singh. While head clerk Ravi Malhotra and clerk Joginder Singh have also been arrested in Delhi DRM of. After investigation, this case of cheating seems to be Rs 65 crore.

The training thugs given in Varanasi had made a firm planning before laying this entire trap. He was selected for training by taking money from 114 youth. For training, everyone was called together at a place in Varanasi, which looked like a government office. All three months were trained here. Training records were also ready. After training, everyone was sent home to wait for the information about allotting the offer letter and station. There is no phone nor any letter for three months. After which after waiting for three months, everyone contacted each other. When questioned, it was found that they were cheated.

Deepak Gumbar, a resident of Preet Nagar, Prit Nagar, up to 12-12 lakhs from everyone, told that he got his two sons to get a ticket to get a ticket to get a ticket in the railway. In lieu of this, Daljeet was given ten lakh rupees. Even after paying the money, Daljit kept giving comfort that his sons will get a job soon.

Major Singh, a resident of Asal, also recovered 12 lakhs in the name of getting his son a job in the railway. Two sons of advocate Khushwant Singh had taken Rs 24 lakh in lieu of putting TCs in the railway. A case was also registered in the police station of Ferozepur in this case, but no action was taken. Finally all the victims reached Vigilance and the action started.

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